Tire Maintenance Tips from Pirelli for Safer Driving


There are four tire maintenance tips that experts from Pirelli recommend to every driver out there. These tips are meant to make sure that you’re always ready to drive safely without any tire problems. While there are those that you can do all by yourself, some may need a specialist.

Here are the four tire maintenance tips:

1. Give your tires a visual check

This helps to spot any deformations or lumps that may have been caused by the car being still for way too long. It could also arise from adverse weather conditions. As you take a look around, check for cuts, tire bulging, abrasions, and any other damages. Ensure that your valve caps are also tight.

2. Check tire pressure

You’d obviously have to go to a tire dealer or gas station to have your tire pressure checked using monitoring equipment. This helps to guarantee optimum safety and performance. The tire professional may also help to check for correct resistance as this affects fuel economy.

3. Check tire wear

Your Pirelli tires should always have a tread depth above the acceptable limit of 2/32″. This can be checked on the tire itself using a tread depth indicator. This is a ridge of rubber that sits 1.6mm high within one of the major tire grooves and just on top of the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI). It’s designed to mark six points on the extreme part of the sidewall. If the groove and rubber ridge are at the same level, the tire has fallen down to the acceptable legal limit.

4. Check for any vibrations

Vibrations can be felt through the steering wheel after the car has been stationary for a long time. This should go away after the first few miles of driving. If they don’t, take the car to a professional as soon as possible.