Continental Tire Gets OE Approval for John Deere Tractors

The 6M and 6R John Deere tractors will now feature the TractorMaster and VF TractorMaster Continental tires. This is according to a recent OE approval granted to Continental that allows customers to order both product lines when buying 90 – 300 horsepower tractors.

Agricultural tires need to meet multiple requirements before approval. As such, the TractorMaster range from Continental comes in different tire diameters of up to 2.05 m, varying width sizes of up to 800 mm, and rim diameters of 46 inches. John Deere is currently expanding its selection of tires from Continental for its mid-tractors.

The tire manufacturer has supplied John Deere tractors with the Tractor85 and Tractor70 tires since 2019. According to the company, the current TractorMaster range optimizes high mileage, durability, and robustness. The radial tires feature a higher lug surface area thanks to the d.fine lug technology. This helps to provide longer mileage.

The company’s n.flex technology and the tire’s material ensure there’s high stability in the tire’s shape and impact. The carcass material is made of stretchable nylon to make it’s flexible enough to handle impact without losing its shape. The flexible material also helps the tire to adapt to uneven ground.