Kumho Tire to Set Up Additional Warehouses in the US

Kumho Tire has made plans to launch distribution warehouses in two locations, namely Franklin, Lousiana and Dallas, Texas. The latter is a 400,000-square-foot facility that will begin operations in April this year. According to the manufacturer, it will have the capacity to hold 540,000 tires.

The main benefit will be improved efficiency. Customers will get to enjoy excellent services and have more access to Kumho tires whenever they need them. The facility will cover 15 states in the Southern and Mid-West parts of the US.

The distribution warehouse set up in Franklin, Louisiana is located about 100 miles west of New Orleans. It is currently in its final stages and will open in April 2026. It occupies about 350,000 square feet and will have the capacity to hold a maximum of 470,000 tires.