Pirelli to Introduce New Tires For Silverstone

Pirelli was set to introduce a new specification and tire compound in 2024 for Formula 1 teams. This, however, changed when the company discovered that the 2023 cars have more downforce than their 2022 counterparts. Pirelli will be supplying these tires in Silverstone as teams prepare to test them at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Each team will get two extra sets for testing at FP1 and FP2 in Barcelona this June. The tires will then be introduced in Silverstone in July. Pirelli said that the current cars have more performance thanks to the fast-paced development depicted by the 10 teams.

The vehicles have performed better and achieved faster speeds. As a company culture, Pirelli prefers to hit performance targets dictated by stakeholders and anticipate any problems so that they can react to them quickly.

The new Pirelli tires offer more resistance without interfering with the technical parameters and performance on the track.