Continental Tire Monitors Real-Time Tread Pattern in New Project

In a new pilot project that involved the use of vehicles from a carsharing service known as Share Now Denmark, Continental Tire successfully showcased its ability to monitor tire tread depth in real-time.

The project was done in collaboration with telemetry specialist Traffilog. The two merged feeds from sensors located inside Continental tires and telemetry data obtained from Share Now’s vehicles. This was done with the help of a cloud proprietary algorithm.

The result was quite impressive. Continental was able to predict tire tread depth up to an accuracy of 1mm. The company hopes that in the coming future, such smart digital tire solutions will be a major driver in tire servicing when need be, instead of the regular scheduling that people use today.

“With this pilot project, we are first in the market to offer significantly accurate tread depth monitoring via an algorithm. With an accuracy of below 1mm our pilot has in fact set an industry benchmark in smart digital tire solutions”, said Tansu Isik, head of business development and global marketing at Continental Tires. “We have worked very closely with our Continental Automotive Technologies colleagues as well as with our partner Traffilog to achieve this success.”

Accurate prediction of the tire’s tread depth will be of great help, especially for fleet managers. They can monitor and service tires at any time and take proactive actions. This will be beneficial to efficiency.

This project is part of a larger plan by Continental and Traffliog. The two hope to provide real-time remote monitoring for tire pressure and temperature for the whole Share Now fleet. The carsharing service has about 600 cars in operation at the moment.

Continental was quick to add that it integrated its real-time monitoring solution into an already existing telematic system. To capture and transfer data, Traffilog made changes to its telematic unit to match Continental’s requirements to allow them to get the relevant data feeds for the proprietary algorithm.