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Free Road Hazard

We Offer a Free Road Hazard Replacement Assistance with every purchase of (4) or more tires. Unlike our competitors you don’t need to ship the damaged tire back.

Fast & Free Shipping

Our shipping is Free for Sets of (4) Tires. 86% of our Shipments arrive to our customers within two working days. 

Fast & Easy Returns

Don't like them? We'll take them back for a full refund, No Questions Asked! We'll even give you 45 days to decide.

Fresh Batch Guarantee

A black market exists where older tires nearing DOT production expiration are sold to retailers at a discounted price. These retailers in-turn list them online mostly on eBay and Amazon for a reduced price and quick sale. These tires can dry rot in a very short time a cause all type of mayhem. 

We'll never receive a tire on our dock with an older DOT and Guarantee you'll never receive a tire with a DOT nearing expiration. In the event one slips thru the cracks (highly unlikely) we'll swap it our for you!

Safe & Secure Checkout

Our site uses a premium SSL service. When checking out you'll see the secure lock in your web address bar during the checkout process. The lock icon is a verification from your browser that the Information you send or get through the site is private.

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