Nitto Releases New Recon Grappler All-Terrain Light Truck Tire

Nitto Tire has been a leading manufacturer when it comes to street, off-road, and SUV performance tires. The company offers highly rated products that are “fueled by enthusiast” and are top shelf performers. The team saw a gap in the market and filled it by listening to what the customers want.

In a recent announcement, Nitto Tire released a new all-terrain light truck tire dubbed Recon Grappler. It offers unmatched traction for off-road driving and boasts an aggressive tread pattern that reduces road noise. The Recon Grappler’s main aim is to provide durability and versatility. This allows owners to comfortably use it for long distances.

Buyers get a limited treadwear warranty that covers 55,000 miles for floation and LT-metric sizes. Off-road enthusiasts that like the Ridge Grappler M/T and Terra Grappler G2 A/T Nitto tires will also love the Recon. It fits right between the two and offers a long-lasting treadwear warranty and great off-road performance. It has the right off-road agility and a comfortable ride that most buyers want.

Features and Benefits of the Recon Grappler A/T

  • This all-terrain tire boasts a bold tread pattern that gives a quiet ride on the highway alongside a strong grip off-road.
  • It also boasts deep sidewall lugs that have additional biting edges for aggressive forward traction.
  • The Recon Grappler A/T is available in 11 sizes ranging from 20-24 inches, and 66 sizes ranging from 17-24 inches. These cover a wide range of applications.
  • Buyers get a Limited Treadwear Warranty covering 55,000 miles for LT Metric and Flotation sizes.

The deep sidewall lugs on the all-terrain Recon extend 5-7 millimeters. This makes the tire a great option for SUVs and compact ½- and 1-ton trucks. The enhanced shoulders add traction and help to maintain stability in both wet and dry conditions.

“Nitto Tire prides itself on continuously pushing to improve our line of tires for all levels of enthusiasts,” said Alan Ngo, Nitto Tire U.S.A.’s Manager of Product Planning and Development. “The Recon Grappler is the perfect tire for enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their trucks and SUVs. It provides truly a great balance of performance and comfort.” The Recon Grappler will be available in 11 sizes initially, with additional tires sizes available later in 2021.

Nitto Tire has supported motorsports since it was first set up in the United States. It has played part in contributing to all types of off-road racing. Most racers and trail runners have nothing but good things to say about the company.