Continental and Michelin Expand Tire Ranges

In a recent development, Michelin added seven new TrailXBib tires designed to meet the needs of owners of slurry tankers, muckspreaders, and trailers.

The new Michelin tires make use of the company’s Ultraflex technology that provides a Very High Flexion (VF) casing and a deep tread. This helps to reduce compaction and damage brought to the soil.

A VF category tire must be able to carry 40% more load at the same inflation pressure and a particular amount of load at 40% lower inflation pressure. This is when it’s compared to a reference standard tire of the same size. This is way more than what improved flexion (IF) category tires must carry as the latter must offer 20% more performance upgrades.

The design also includes a pattern with inter-lugs, providing a self-cleaning feature that prevents debris and soil from sticking to it. All tires in the TrailXBib range also work with central tire inflation systems.

The seven new tires join the two that were launched last year – the 560/60 R22.5 and the 650/55 R26.5. They are now available in sizes – 500/60 R22.5, 600/50 R22.5, 710/45 R22.5, 600/55 R26.5, 710/50 R26.5, 650/65 R30.5, and 750/60 R30.5. They can be bought for new vehicles and also as replacements for older load-luggers.

For Continental, the company has released a new tweaked CompactMaster AG tire. This skid-steer tire and loader is the first to have a twisted steel belt and a Turtle Shield tread layer.

Its new and improved features help to protect the shoulder from damage and cuts. Continental also included wider treads and lug widths to offer more traction than before. Incorporating a twisted steel belt strengthens the tire from excessive load as it dry steers on solid ground. The Continental CompactMaster AG tire is available in one size only – the 460/70 R24.