Continental Tire Releases Special Tires for eBike & eCargo

Continental AG has more than 100 years of experience in conceptualizing and building tires for mopeds and motorcycles. Just recently, it announced the new eContact Plus tire that is uniquely built for eBikes made for day-to-day commute and load-carrying activities.

The specific tire is built to reduce rolling resistance, and improve battery performance while protecting the material from punctures. It boosts comfort and confidence in urban cycling.

The eContact Plus weighs between 1.6 lbs and 2.8 lbs. It can handle between 187 lbs and 282 lbs of load depending on the dimensions of the tire which range between 50-406 to 62-622. Some of its additional unique features include the SafetyPlus Pro Breaker Technology and its certification for S-Pedelec use.

The eContact Plus also comes with a compact tread and has the ability to resist nails and glass. It can handle speeds of up to 31 mph. Continental’s SafetyPlus Pro Breaker technology and the tire’s flexible rubber add on to its puncture-resistant abilities.

This makes the rubber construction immune to piercing and cuts. Low rolling resistance helps to keep the battery going for longer so that owners can get more out of their bikes. The tire will start rolling out in the UK in February 2023.