The New HD-Terrain T/A KT Tire from BFGoodrich

According to BFGoodrich, most tires today are only made for recreational off-road use. They are not designed to withstand high torque and resist extreme tearing and chipping.

To fill this market gap, the company has introduced the BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A tire. This is a product that provides a long-lasting solution for customers that drive heavy-duty trucks.

It comes with 3 important features which include:

  • Sidewall toughness and chip-and-tear durability: The HD-Terrain T/A comes with a new tread compound that resists tearing and chipping. It has already been put to the test and deemed durable under extreme conditions.
  • Traction: The tire can plow through mud and gravel with ease thanks to the serrated shoulder and “Mud-Phobic” design.
  • Application-and-fitment-focused: The company says that the tire is built for any type of application no matter the conditions.

BFGoodrich also included the CoreGard technology that protects the sidewall from splitting. It ensures that it remains stiff. The manufacturer says that the tire is more durable and lasts longer than any other BFGoodrich tires.

It also comes with the “Baja Champion” mark on its sidewall to commemorate the 2021 SCORE Bajaa 500 class victory.