BFGoodrich Unveils New Tires for Police Vehicles

In a recent development, BFGoodrich announced the release of a new tire dubbed Elite-Force T/A specifically made for police vehicles. The all-season tire is designed to handle high-speed pursuits, different types of terrains, hard turns, and sudden stops.

According to the company, the tire can respond to any type of emergency no matter the driving conditions. It offers 21-foot shorter stopping distances when braking in wet conditions. BFGoodrich also said that it’s 35% stronger thanks to a redesigned tread pattern that offers increased durability.

Officers from law enforcement were involved during the design and testing process. The Elite-Force is available in different sizes to fit different vehicles used by different departments. This includes SUVs like Ford Explorer and sedans like the Dodge Charger.

It also comes with a badge on the sidewall or a traditional sidewall for undercover operations.