Best Winter Tires

We consider all our offerings The Best of The Best otherwise we wouldn’t sell them! But there are always those Top 5 winter tires that stand out by being an affordable option of premium quality with impressive warranties and stellar customer feedback. Below we’ll share with you the top 5 from the best tire brands, and at the bottom of the page you can search your size and see all our Top Rated results.

Note: These are our best Studless Winter Options, to view our best Studdable options click here

TOP 5 Best Winter Tires

Toyo Observe Garit KX

  • Optimum Snow & Ice Traction
  • Ride Comfort
  • Wet & Dry Handling
  • 5.0 Google Reviews 

Toyo Observe GSI-5

  • Severe Snow Condition Rated
  • CUV, SUV & Passenger Car Applications
  • Long Wear Life
  • 4.9 Google Reviews

Pirelli Ice Zero FR

  • Run Flat Technology
  • High Level of Control in Snow Conditions
  • Quite Ride
  • 4.8 Google Reviews
Buy Cheap Cooper DISCOVERER TRUE NORTH Finance Tires Online

Cooper Discoverer True North

  • 45 Day Road Test
  • Severe Snow Condition Rated
  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • 4.7 Google Reviews
Buy Cheap Continental VIKING CONTACT 7 Finance Tires Online

Continental Viking Contact 7

  • 60 Day Road Test
  • 3 Year Roadside Assistance
  • Polar Plus Technology For Increasing Grip
  • New Tire – No Reviews Yet (60 Day Road Test Makes it a Solid Choice) 


If you’re interested in seeing all our Best Winter Tires (not just the top 5) use our search by size tool and we’ll show you all our Top Rated options. All best Winter tires we offer are Top Rated, we are very selective as to what tires are included in our offerings. We invite you to search by size and see all our Top Rated Winter tire options.

Different Size Rear Tires?

How to read your tire size

Winter Tires a.k.a Snow Tires are tires that are engineered for use on snow and ice. Winter tires offer a tread design that specifically designed to channel out snow and increasing traction on ice. Winter tires must pass a vigorous test to qualify for a Three-PEak Mountain Snow Flake symbol which is later stamped on the sidewall. Tires designated by this symbol are approved for winter conditions below 7 °C (45 °F). 

Mileage warranty and any other coverage noted in some cases may be size specific. It is recommended you use our search by size tool to see what coverage is offered with the particular bestwinter option you’re looking for. 

We chose our best winter tires based on consumer feedback, offered warranties and guarantees and brand integrity. Our resident tire expert has been in the industry since 1994 and is second generation to a Goodyear veteran. He specifically picks out the best winter tire options for review.