General Tire Celebrates the Success of the 2019 TransAnatolia Rally Sponsorship

The TransAnatolia Rally Raid is an international sporting occasion that was recently held for the very first time in Turkey. The rally was split into 4×4 off-road, ATVs, truck and motorcycle categories. With over 1,200 miles (2,000 km) of challenging terrain to cover, the event attracted more than 100 racers from all over the world.

General Tires was one of the major sponsors of this event. It had equipped several 4×4 vehicles with Grabber X3 and Grabber AT3 tires. Two racing stars called Onur Sırımoğlu and Kerim Tar drove with a set of one of these and were the only racers to maneuver all the obstacles set out in the race.

Tire Performance is Key

According to Kerim Tar, the Raid category had one of the most challenging weather conditions. Drivers had to be more than prepared for this. Two of the most important things to have as a driver under such circumstances is a strong vehicle and capable tires. Tar and other racers had to drive over mountainsides with slopes of up to 35 degrees, mud pools that were 1.5 m deep, and powdery soils. Such conditions call for reliable equipment that a driver can count on.

Having driven the vehicle with the Grabber X3 tires, Tar went on to add that he found their performance to be incredible. His vehicle was not adversely affected by the big stones and debris. The reinforced treads and extra thickness responded adequately to tight ground and heavy steering. Also, the tires’ aggressive patterns had enough grip on loose ground. The team couldn’t even tell the difference between driving on such a surface and driving under normal conditions. Furthermore, when compared to other tires, driving over asphalt was surprisingly smoother and quieter. The team was even able to catch up with the competition thanks to the X3s.

Prioritizing Safety

According to General Tire Turkey’s manager, Hüseyin İşsever, the company had safety as one of its highest priorities in mind. The team was very happy after having achieved this with its brand. The drivers that participated were able to get a first-hand experience of the capability of the tires. Whether it was on asphalt road or undiscovered loose ground, the tires proved to be suitable for all types of terrain. General Tire looks forward to supporting and sponsoring more of such events as it strives to market its products and corporate values.