Continental Ventures into Monitoring Systems and Smart Tires

Among the many things that Continental Tire showcased at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show were a new monitoring solution and an intelligent capable steer tire. These offered a glimpse into what the tire manufacturer is doing to promote the most innovative technology for commercial fleets.

Smart Tires

According to Continental’s vice president of sales and marketing for North and Central America, the company is giving tires a voice. This is through the development of ground-breaking intelligence outside the typical vehicle.

There are several intelligent-capable Continental steer tires on the market today. These are important for safety and can be ordered with pre-equipped TPMS sensors. One such tire is the Conti HSR 3, a regional steer tire built to offer excellent mileage and scrub resistance.

The tire takes over from the HSR 2 and will deliver higher mileage compared to its predecessor. The tire is built using the Conti 3G casing to improve its re-treadability and durability. These elements are essential for lowering the driving costs incurred by regional fleets.

It also boasts of a new belt package that features significant engineering upgrades. For instance, the tire can tolerate high levels of pressure and hinder penetration. It’s also stiff enough to withstand heat build-up, hence, improving mileage and reducing wear and tear.

The HSR 3 is currently under testing. Continental is also carrying out tests on a Pennsylvania refrigerated food service fleet. According to the fleet, products from competitors are expected to provide between 160,000 and 180,000 miles. The HSR 3 is estimated to deliver more than 220,000 miles under similar conditions.

Continental also offers customized options of intelligent-capable steer tires. These are designed and built according to the needs of the concerned fleets. Such options include the company’s Conti HSL 3 which is customized for super-regional applications and long hauls, the Conti EcoPlus HS3 which tops in fuel-efficiency, and the Conti HSC 3 which is customized for heavy trucks, construction applications and steering in all positions.

Monitoring Systems

Continental adds to its smart tire options a portfolio of tire monitoring systems that can be used together. These systems include the ContiConnect Yard tire monitoring system and the ContiPressureCheck on-vehicle TPMS. The latter is the company’s newest development and is a simple low-maintenance solution.

It sends notifications to the driver regarding the tire’s pressure problems in real-time while keeping the system separate from that of the tractor. ContiPressureCheck Solo helps fleets to stay compliant with EPA greenhouse gas regulations, California Air Resources Board regulations, and those of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It also reduces tire costs.

The system comprises three key components: Continental sensors, a Central Control Unit, and a notification light. Continental tire sensors are mounted on the inner layer of the tire. These are protected from curbing, theft, damage, and weather conditions. Buyers can order tires that are already preinstalled with sensors or retrofit sensors into existing tires.

The Central Control Unit is fixed on the trailer. It analyzes data received from the sensors and sends alerts if need be. The notification light comes fixed within the trailer in a standard industry position. It is placed on the driver’s side mirror and is activated any time there is low pressure in any of the tires. The light has different levels of illumination depending on the severity of the tire condition.

Trailers with telematics setups can also send information to the telematics dashboard which then allows the support personnel to see the trailer’s TPMS data remotely.