Mickey Thompson Releases New Baja Pro XS Tire

The new Baja Pro XS tire by Mickey Thomspon is the tallest DOT-approved tire available on the market today for light trucks.

Speaking about it at its launch, Vice President of Marketing for Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels, Ken Warner, said that this was the company’s way of getting back to its roots as a global leader in the production and innovation of extreme off-road tires. The Baja Pro XS line up is wider and larger and is built to handle all types of terrains.

It measures between 35 and 58 inches tall and is available for wheel sizes 35 to 58 inches. It boasts of a directional tread pattern that creates a balanced forward bite and better lateral grip thanks to circumferential tread elements.

Additional features include angled shoulder scallops for improved movement in mud and loose earth. They help to send gravel and debris into the SIdebiter cleats. Siping helps to increase traction and lug flex on smooth surfaces. Mickey Thompson added a 27/32-inch tread depth and mud scoop features that provide a concave angle to prevents mud from adhering.

Movement over all types of terrain is enhanced by a 4-ply bias construction that makes the tire a leader among other previous Mickey Thompson tires. Buyers will be able to get the new Baja Pro XS is the following sizes: 19.5/54-20LT, 21/58-24LT, 19.5/46-20LT, 17/49-20LT, 15/43-20LT, 19.5/46-16LT, 15/43-17LT, 35×13.50-17LT, 40×13.50-17LT, and 38×13.50-17LT.