Choosing The Right Tires for Your Car with Nexen Tire

The COVID-19 situation in the U.S. is improving as the summer heat descends on us. As a result, more people will be loosening up a bit and going outside more frequently than before. This means that well-deserved summer road trips are bound to increase.

Nexen Tire wants to ensure that everyone is ready for their road trip and is safe when driving. This is by providing information on how to make sure your tires are ready for a road trip. A blowout, flat, slow leak or hazard could easily cause delays on a day out on the road.

Proper tire inflation and thorough inspection are important before you hit the road. This is because they help you to spot early signs of damage or wear. If you need new tires, Nexen Tire has a list of high-performance, SUV/CUV, light truck, and passenger tires that will meet your needs.

Whether you want to prioritize performance, handling, or comfort, there are several sets of Nexen tires that you could choose. Thanks to the company’s Tire Finder tool, customers can easily look for the best tire that fits their vehicle. All they have to do is input their make, model, style, and year of the vehicle they own.

Customers can also search for tires based on the rim size, tire ratio, and width. The results generated by the tool are based on OEM specs. Buyers can even narrow down their results by searching for tires that emphasize specific features such as braking, fuel efficiency, reduced wear, and more.

For consumers that are looking for comfort-, performance-, and luxury-oriented tires, the following are the top five options recommended by Nexen Tire:

1. Roadian GTX – SUV/CUV all-season tire that comes with a comfortable ride and excellent mileage.

2. N’Priz AH8 – All-season ultra high-performance tire developed for family sedans. It’s also used as original equipment on some cars.

3. N’Fera AU7 – All-season ultra high-performance tire developed for luxury coupes, performance sedans, and sports cars.

4. N’Fera SU1 – Ultra high-performance summer tire developed for optimal performance in wet and dry conditions.

5. N’Fera SUR4G – Extreme ultra high-performance summer tire developed for extreme performance enthusiasts.

For tires that can perform both on- and off-road, Nexen offers options such as the Roadian MTX and the Roadian AT Pro RA8. For SUV/CUV owners that want dependability and versatility, the Roadian GTX is another excellent choice.

To add to these offers, Nexen Tire has come up with the #NexenAdventures sweepstakes which is marketed on its social media channels. The company is encouraging everyone to share their favorite trip memories, be it long drives to auto shops, events, or trips with friends and family.

You can create your own Instagram and Facebook posts with your favorite road trip memory while using the hashtag #NexenAdventures. Nexen will then pick two lucky winners that will receive a set of new Nexen tires. The official giveaway rules can be found here:

According to John Hagan, the executive vice president of sales for Nexen Tire America, Inc., it is the company’s priority to keep its customers safe and make the process of looking for tires easier during these unpredictable times. The company’s online tools make it easy to pick a tire that is right for your needs.

All distribution centers will continue to operate as normal as dealers continue providing the same world-class service they always have to tire customers. Nexen will also provide roadside assistance and mileage warranty during the COVID-19 outbreak.