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Nexen Tire Builds Half a Billion Tires Without Recalls

Earlier this month, Nexen Tire announced that it has been able to manufacture more than half a billion tires since the year 2000. The company did this without issuing any recalls. For the longest time, it has been hailed as a global leader in producing high-performance, SUV/light truck, winter, and passenger tire technology. The achievement […]

Tire Tread Life – An Important Choice for Safety and Satisfaction

Selling tires to consumers involves many aspects. In addition to the central supply dilemma and selling consultants, customers face multiple options individually. Price, vehicle safety, and appearance are important, but a tire’s longevity and long life are key features that can balance consumer protection and comfort. Although tire manufacturers support long life, most customers ask, […]

Nexen Tire, Man City Launch Virtual Fitness Challenge

Manchester City and Nexen Tire have teamed up to launch a new virtual fitness competition. Nexen Tire America, a global champion in high-performance passenger, SUV/light truck, and winter tire technology are collaborating with Manchester City to launch a new virtual fitness competition dubbed “Nexen Road to Man City” to promote fans’ health and well-being worldwide […]

Three Nexen Tires Get Picked for New Audi A3 Family

In a recent announcement, Nexen Tire said that it will supply three tires for the upcoming 4th-generation Audi A3 models. The tires include the WINGUARD Sport 2, N’Blue S, and N’FERA SPORT tires. The fourth-generation Audi A3 was first released in March 2020. It included two models – the Audi A3 Limousine which comes with […]

Nexen Tire Starts Providing Online Support to Dealers Via Social Media

Nexen Tire America has come up with a new online retail marketing platform that provides social media content and post automation services to its tire dealers. The platform allows dealers to generate a large social media following through consistent content that will be provided by Nexen Tire. They will have access to the tools they […]

Focusing on Lasting Tread Life

In addition to aesthetics, vehicle fitment, and price; long-lasting tread life and functionality are two of the most important factors that influence a customer’s decision during a tire purchase. In fact, these are the factors that dealers should emphasize so as to achieve customer satisfaction and promote safety. The main question becomes, “How many miles […]