Pirelli Starts Producing Tires for Electric Mountain Bikes

Pirelli recently introduced its first lineup of tires that are meant to be used on electric mountain bikes. The Scorpion E-MTB marks the company’s entry into another part of the e-off road world.

The tire is aggressive, durable, and robust enough to offer maximum performance. This means that it can meet the heavy workloads of the latest bikes in the industry.

The Scorpion E-MTB tire is Tubeless Ready, meaning it’s the perfect fit for bikers that love the Enduro and Trail disciplines. It incorporates everything other Scorpion tires have. These include the Enduro, Trail, and XC. Its tread profile is also designed to match specific terrains.

Pirelli is one amongst a few tire makers to offer a range of tires that are complete and dedicated to e-mountain bikes. The new Scorpion E-MTB comes in three profiles.

1. M (Mixed Terrain)

The M range has a set of tires that are designed to perform on All Mountain and Trail tracks. It performs excellently on unpredictable surfaces that can change all of a sudden. From loose grounds to hard rock and from roots to stones. They provide the required grip without compromising the ride quality.

 2. R (Rear Specific)

The R range provides additional traction to the rear wheel. It’s a companion to the M range and proves to be a performer when braking and pushing. Riders get longer life and extra grip no matter the situation.

3. S (Soft Terrain)

The S range is the perfect tire for Enduro E-MTBs. It has spaced and aggressive blocks that provide better traction on supple and soft ground. It’s the right choice for aggressive riding as it guarantees extra grip when braking and cornering.

The Scorpion E-MTB features new technologies that make it one of the best tires in the industry.

SmartGRIP+: Maximum, Sustainable, Resistance

Pirelli reformulated the compound it developed for its other Scorpion MTB tires and came up with the SmartGRIP+ Compound. The compound was produced alongside other F1 tire compounds at Pirelli’s Racing plants.

The trick with the compound is the inclusion of Lignin. This is a chemical component that is naturally sourced through pulping exhausted paper. In addition to having a low impact as an additive, it also enhances performance with respect to the torque and speed features that electric motors have in modern electric mountain bikes. The added advantage does not in any way undermine the characteristics and features of the SmartGRIP Compound formulation, such as chemical grip.

SmartGRIP+ maintains the former wet and dry grip performance of SmartGRIP while upholding the standards of Pirelli’s craftsmanship. The rider is assured of great tire performance even under the high torque and speed observed in E-MTB riding.

HYPERWALL TECHNOLOGY: E-MTB Specific Protection and Handling

Pirelli has used its patent-pending technology called HyperWALL to reinforce the Scorpion E-MTB’s bead and sidewalls. The bead and sidewalls are constructed to increase tire performance when it comes to resistance to pin-flats. They are anchored solidly together so that they can act as one. They also boost stability. This is key in off-road applications such as E-MTB and Gravity where there’s more demand.

Unrivaled Lightweight at E-MTB Reliability

The Scorpion E-MTB is among some of the lightest Pirelli tires we have on the market. This is thanks to applied technologies that offer better reliability and increased protection against pinching of DH runner. Tire weights range from 1.2g for version 27.5×2.6 to 1.33g for version 29×2.6. Pirelli announced that both versions of the Scorpion E-MTB tire would be available on EMEA, NAFTA & APAC  markets from June 30, 2020.