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Pirelli Scrapped 1800 Formula 1 Tires After Australian Grand Prix Was Canceled

A typical Formula One race involves a lot of moving pieces. One such piece is the supply of tires. Pirelli has been at the forefront of delivering and mounting thousands of tires on each racing weekend for years. In a recent interview with, the tire manufacturer said that it had to get rid of […]

Tire Compounds Chosen by F1 Teams for Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1 tire supplier Pirelli recently published the tires that F1 teams have chosen to go with for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix. This is after the teams unanimously rejected the new 2020 specifications after carrying out tests last year. Some of the Pirelli Tires that will remain unchanged include the C2, C3 and C4 […]

Pirelli Introduces A High-Tech Cyber Tire

The smart tire revolution is taking over fast. Among the key players adopting advanced technologies to enhance the performance of tires is Pirelli. Their new Pirelli Cyber Tire is a highly-sophisticated component that features plenty of advanced sensors. These sensors convey warnings and radio information to the driver in case there is a rip, puncture, […]

F1 Teams Stick with Existing Pirelli Tires for 2020

Late last year, all the Formula One teams unanimously voted to stick with the existing Pirelli tires. This was after tests and analyses of the 2019 and 2020 specifications tires yielded mixed results. According to FIA, the sport’s governing body, the teams analyzed the 2020 prototype in Abu Dhabi and voted against changing to new […]

Pirelli Tires Selected for 34 New Motorcycle Models

According to a press release that was published last month, Pirelli tires will be original equipment in 34 new motorcycle models to be released in 2020. The Italian brand remains to be a first choice for several motorcycle manufacturers who have continuously picked Pirelli over the years. The 34 new motorcycle models will come from […]

Pirelli Picked as WRC Tire Supplier from 2021 to 2024

Pirelli will supply tires for all the 4-wheel categories that will be participating in the World Rally Championship between 2021 and 2024. This is after the tire manufacturer was chosen as the exclusive supplier for the championship by the sport’s governing body, FIA. Pirelli tires will also be used in the regional and national headlining […]

Pirelli Uses 5G to Improve Safety

Helping drivers stay safe on the road has been a major priority in the twenty-first century. Engineers have continuously leveraged technology to inform drivers about road conditions. Major automakers have already designed cars with anti-slip systems, lane assist, automated emergency braking systems, and other technologies. Pirelli is joining these companies in improving safety by taking […]