Michelin To Continue Supplying Formula E Tires Until 2022

Michelin is a founding partner of the FIA Formula E Championship. Since the first season started in 2014/2015, the tire manufacturer has been the main tire supplier for all seasons. In a decision made recently by the FIA, the company will continue to supply Michelin tires until the end of the 2021/2022 season.

Afterward, another supplier will be chosen for the subsequent series. The company is proud to have been part of the team that has participated in the success of the Formula E. During the first six seasons, it worked on producing great tires at its formidable innovation laboratory.

The result was three generations of MICHELIN Pilot Sport tires specifically designed for electric single-seaters. All three generations have continuously proven to be highly durable and versatile. Not only have they performed exceptionally well but also reduced the need to use several tires to achieve smooth races.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV2 was introduced at the beginning of the 2016/107 season. It was an improved version of the first generation. It came with significant improvements in energy efficiency and proved to be a huge leap from the very first type of tire that was used in the first season.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport was then introduced for the third generation. It is the one that’s currently in use and boasts of 9kg less of raw materials in its construction. It has served the Formula E for the last two seasons and has been used by all racing teams.

Michelin added several technological advances in the Pilot Sport. It made sure the tire was lightweight and highly energy efficient. The same technological innovations are also being used in other production tires from Michelin. This has been made possible by the fact that Formula E has been using 18-inch diameter tires in its races. These are closer in size with production tires and have facilitated an easy transfer of technologies from one side to the other.

Michelin’s end goal is to ensure that sporting competition and sustainable mobility remain one. As such, the company is working on several innovations within its ambitious programs structured to achieve better mobility in the future. One such program is the “MissionH24”, a project that might see hydrogen get incorporated in MotoE and Endurance Racing. MotoE is a wholly electric motorcycle championship that is part of MotoGP.