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Michelin’s Eco-responsible e.PRIMARY Tire Made to Last

The idea of a low rolling resistance green tire began in 1992. The goal was to just drive awareness in the industry. Today, the simple act has grown to be one of Michelin’s core convictions. The company’s All Sustainable Vision is founded on an equally balanced growth that is aimed at driving positive contribution to […]

SSC Tuatara Becomes the Fastest Car while Riding on Michelin Tires

Achieving the highest top speed on a supercar is normally a thrilling endeavor that many automakers seek to accomplish. This is despite it being pointless. Most drivers will never get the chance to drive that fast on public roads. The SSC Tuatara recently set a new record and averaged about 316.11 miles per hour (508.73 […]

Michelin to Make Puncture-Free Tires in Partnership with GM

Conventional tires work on a basic principle. They run on air. The advancement of the construction technology of tires has improved the nature of materials used. But, the down-sides still remain. Pneumatic tires still experience blowouts, flats, uneven wear, and unwanted punctures. On top of that, there’s the need for drivers to constantly check the […]

Michelin Launches A Digital Platform for Commercial Dealers and Fleets

Michelin North America Inc. has come up with a solution to make working relationships between the company, service providers, and fleets stronger and more effective. The solution is a digital cloud-based platform called Maestro. It will be used to connect the three parties and make it easier to carry out operations. According to Ralph Dimenna, […]

X One Line Energy T2: Michelin’s Most Fuel Efficient Trailer Tire

Michelin North America has something for the North American line-haul market – the company’s most fuel-efficient tire to date. The X One Line Energy T2 is designed for the dry-van truckload, tanker, and refrigerated truckload segments. Long-haul tire design often face challenges when it comes to the trailer-wheel position. The free-rolling wheel position is susceptible […]

Michelin To Continue Supplying Formula E Tires Until 2022

Michelin is a founding partner of the FIA Formula E Championship. Since the first season started in 2014/2015, the tire manufacturer has been the main tire supplier for all seasons. In a decision made recently by the FIA, the company will continue to supply Michelin tires until the end of the 2021/2022 season. Afterward, another […]

Michelin to Partner with Tire Recycler Enviro

Global tire manufacturer Michelin and Scandinavian tire recycler Enviro have signed a letter of intent that will see Michelin acquire 20% of Enviro’s shares in what the two have termed as the start to a long-term partnership. The effort is part of Michelin’s move to expand its sustainability portfolio. In 2018, the company acquired US-based […]

New X-ICE Snow Winter Tire by Michelin

Michelin recently revealed its new generation snow tire dubbed X-ICE. It’s a superior tire that is built to provide maximum safety and mobility during the winter season. In a special demonstration, Michelin compared how this new tire fairs against its competitors. The demonstration was carried out 80 miles from Montreal in the St. Saveur mountains […]

Michelin will Develop Two “Tire Families” for Hypercar

According to Michelin motorsports director Matthieu Bonardel, Michelin plans to develop two tire families for the Le Mans Hypercar class. It was earlier announced that Michelin would be the full tire supplier for the top class of the FIA World Endurance Championship. Bonardel is expected to release more details and updates as the program rolls […]