BFGoodrich Releases Off-Road Windshield Wipers For Trucks and SUVs

When driving off the road, there are basic accessories and parts that you need to have fitted on your car. These ensure that your vehicle is capable of frequenting off-road courses and dirt tracks without experiencing any major issues. Take, for example, a new set of BFGoodrich tires to pump up your SUV or truck. Strong tires are a  necessity and often a non-negotiable must-have.

Just recently, there was a new entrant into the off-road aftermarket scene. Meet the BFGoodrich Off-Road Wipers made for SUVs and trucks that frequent both off-road and on-road paths. They are the latest product in the market that you can add to your rig. Are they functional or just for aesthetic value? Let’s find out.

The new BFGoodrich Off-Road Wipers separate themselves from your average wipers by featuring a heavy-duty design that is inspired by BFGoodrich’s All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire treads. They boast durable rubber and the company’s Scrub-X Extreme Weather Performance technology. This enables them to clear away any mud, rainwater, snow, bugs, or grime that may have accumulated on your windshield.

In addition to these features, BFGoodrich added weather-repelling technology to keep mud, ice, or snow from forming on the blade cover. Lastly, they included the X-Flex Suspension to ensure they stay in contact with the windshield. The Secure-X Connector technology allows for secure and easy installation.

The decision to buy these wipers depends on whether you’re someone that goes on off-road adventures on the regular. A pair currently retails for $79.99, making them one of the higher-priced options on the market. It’s possible that the BFGoodrich Off-Road wipers were developed in partnership with Pylon. Pylon is a company that has been engineering and making wiper blades since 1968.

If you’re someone who’s more about functionality and doesn’t get hooked easily on branded products, your normal wipers will work fine. However, there’s no harm in pimping your SUV or truck if you have the money. The wild tire tread pattern on the exterior part of the wipers are also a perfect reason to get ahold of the wipers and test them out yourself.