New BFGoodrich ‘OnTrail’ App Launched to Help Overlanders Explore

BFGoodrich Tires recently released its OnTrail app that is designed to help off-roaders and overlanders explore more wild places. Many off-roaders experience challenges when visiting suitable jeep trails and dirt roads in various parts of the country. The app provides a community of 4×4 enthusiasts and a host of features that will help users gain more access to these places.

It boasts an extensive network of trails that are near you. This is, of course, depending on the state that you live in. Previously, there was no easy way for people to gain access to a network full of tips on how to navigate twisting trails and prime adventure spots. This was until BFGoodrich and OnX came together.

In addition to maps and 4×4 trails, the BFG OnTrail app also combines features that are personalized for overlanders and off-roaders at every skill level.

“With OnTrail, we’re bringing off-road adventures to the next level, making it easy for adventure seekers to find and share the best trails based on their specific criteria,” said Harold Phillips, global general manager for BFGoodrich Tires. “We see the OnTrail app as a digital extension of our commitment to industry-leading performance.”

OnTrail App Features

The main details and features that BFGoodrich included on the app are:

a) Tire Planning

This feature allows you to find the best trails filtered by skill level, reviews, length, and weather from other users from the OnTrail community. You can use information sourced from the community to learn about obstacles, hazards, points of interest, and other important details like distance and elevation.

b) On The Trail

This feature allows you to share your own special spots with the community or just your family and friends. You can upload information such as dangers, trail conditions, and even photos.

c) Off-Road Education

The OnTrail app also provides a pool of in-depth how-to videos that you can watch to improve your off-roading abilities. The videos provide solutions to approaching specific terrain challenges and quick tips on overlanding and general four-wheeling skills.

d) Rewarding Missions

For competitive users, the OnTrail app comes with integrated missions such as being the first person to send a new trail and helping to maintain existing trails. You get to earn points, rankings, and badges after every mission. Those that complete a trip or a mission become eligible for prizes and rebates.

BFGoodrich plans to add more features as the app rolls out. The new features will provide dirt bike, ATV, and UTV enthusiasts access to the same info, community, and maps.