Continental Shows Off Its New Green Tire Concept

In an aim to create sustainable Continental tires for passenger cars, Continental has revealed the new Conti GreenConcept tire. The concept leverages emerging and current technologies in the manufacture of sustainable tires.

It was designed to reduce the consumption of resources used across the entire value chain during construction. The GreenConcept tire also addresses concerns surrounding the procurement and sourcing of raw materials at different production stages.

It takes advantage of methods that extend the lifespan of the tire, hence, reducing waste at the end of its life. Speaking about it at its reveal, Continental said that the tire is made using more traceable, renewable, and recycled materials. It also boasts a lightweight design aimed at conserving resources and a renewable tread that can be used to extend its service life.

Furthermore, the GreenConcpet uses more than 50% sustainable raw materials and falls in line with the company’s goal of transitioning fully to sustainable materials by 2050. Sustainability here means that all materials are obtained using a closed-loop cycle and pose no harmful effects to the environment.

Continental Tire also aims to eventually achieve climate neutrality across the whole supply chain. The GreenConcept comprises 35% renewable materials and includes natural rubber obtained from resins, vegetable oils, silicate from rice husk ash, and dandelions. The construction technique minimizes the dependability the industry has on crude oil materials. Continental’s supply chain already includes heavy use of vegetable oils and recycled rubber.

The GreenConcept tire is also made using 17% recycled materials. The main components of the recycled materials include recovered carbon black and reclaimed steel. The company also incorporates polyester recovered from recycled plastic bottles to make the tire’s casing. This is an industry first.

The best part is that the recycling process used for plastic bottles does not involve intermediate chemical processing steps. Also, the polyester yarn obtained can handle the forces that a tire is normally subjected to. With all of this, you get a concept tire that weighs just 16.5 pounds (7.5 kilograms).

It also has 25% less rolling resistance when compared to a class A tire under the EU Tire Label system. Continental also claims that the GreenConcpet offers 6% more range when used in an electric vehicle. Much of this is a thought exercise as the tire is far from being a reality. The company will start to gradually roll out its recycling technology in 2022.