Pirelli Releases Remodeled Cinturato for Classic Mini

Pirelli just released a new Cinturato CN54 tire designed to fit the classic Mini. The tire is part of the company’s Collezione lineup that comprises specially designed tires for classic cars made between 1950 and 1980. The classic cars combine vintage looks with modern technology.

The first Cinturato CN54 debuted in 1972. It has been recreated by Pirelli in size 145/70 R12 to fit all versions of the classic Mini. The most recent example features the same sidewall and tread pattern as the original. Pirelli also added more modern features to make it future-proof.

The Cinturato CN54 is made with the tire manufacturer’s latest compounds. It also boasts improved road holding attributes and increased grip. This makes it reliable and helps to meet strict safety standards.

The research and development stage of the project involved looking at the original designs and materials of the first tire. Designers went to the Pirelli Foundation archives in Milan. This helped to achieve a detailed reproduction of the product and to ensure the same parameters used in the original were met. Such parameters include the chassis settings and suspension details of the Mini.

Pirelli described the original Cinturato tire as a “fabulous new tire with its own safety belt inside” when it first launched in 1964. It was the first to have a radial structure which has been included in several other Pirelli tires over the decades.