Tips on How to Take Care of Your Ironman Tires

It pays to inspect your tires regularly and ensure that they are in the right condition. This is especially if they are an expensive set of Ironman tires. Many people do not remember to do this. For some, it may be due to a busy schedule or just a lack of knowledge. Tire maintenance mostly comprises two main things – ensuring that your tires have the correct air pressure and checking the pressure at least once a month.

Experts recommend that you rotate your tires after every six months of use to ensure there’s even wear. In addition, you should check the tread to ensure you have enough grip while driving on the road. Below is a more detailed look at these tips.

1. Tire Pressure

Driving at the correct tire pressure gives you total control over your vehicle and allows you to hit high speeds with confidence. If your tires are under-inflated, they can experience stress and irregular wear. This then leads to accidents and loss of control. The correct tire pressure for your tires is normally indicated in your car owner’s manual and/or on the tire’s sidewall. The information is also available online.

The perfect time to check tire pressure is in the morning. This allows you to know what to do before stepping out. When checking, ensure the pressure gauge is in contact with the tire’s stem valve. Once the gauge is in contact with the air, press it to add air to the recommended pressure. Release some air if you pass the recommended mark.

2. Alignment

Proper alignment allows the tires to wear out evenly and keeps the car in the right position for better control. Misaligned tires create discomfort when driving. Pay attention to any signs of vibration or pulling.  If you have the skills, you can do the alignment yourself, or leave it to a professional. Remember to have the tires balanced to prevent more irregular wear.

3. Rotation

Rotation helps your Ironman tires to wear regularly. Even though they move the same distances and travel on the same roads, they do not wear out the same. Rotating them every six months will help extend their lifespan. It’s best to do this while following the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that you follow the agreement made on the warranty policy.

4. Tread

Tires should only wear up to a particular mark. You’ll be able to notice this mark using the coin technique. Put a coin in the tire’s tread and check the president’s head. If you can see it, it’s time to change your tires.

When shopping for new tires, consider the type of climate you’re in and the tread depth. Winter tires typically have studs to help crush through the ice. The studs increase grip on slippery icy roads and make it easier to brake. Tires made for asphalt have deeper treads to make it easy to drive on the road.

If you’re not able to get new tires, you can replace your existing tires with cheaper second-hand alternatives. This will last you for a while before you can get new tires. If you’re a fast driver, remember to check the tread for perfect grip.

Proper tire maintenance will keep your tires in great condition for more days. Follow the tips above to improve the lifespan of your Ironman tires.