A Review of the Hankook Kingery 4S2 X

Consumers are continuously asking for tires that offer several performance characteristics no matter the weather conditions. As such, Hankook Tire has come up with a solution that can work for all types of weather – the Kinergy 4S2 X.

“The purpose of the all-weather tire is to provide an all-in-one product that saves time and money for our customers,” said Yewon Lee, consumer marketing manager for Hankook Global. “A three-peak mountain snowflake certified all-weather tire means the Kinergy 4S2 X can perform near the level of an actual winter product.”

The tire boasts style, a unique tread design, and remarkable snow and wet performance. Other features include:

  • V-shaped tread design: Two-in-one tread blocks and well-connected grooves that link for enhanced digging force and biting edges that help to evacuate water and enhance performance in wet conditions.
  • Serrated-Edge Grooves: Connect to the shoulder blocks to maximize grip and enhance driving in winter.
  • Slush edge: Found between shoulder blocks to enhance cornering in snow and aid in ride stability on icy roads.
  • 3-D Winter Sipes: Have a serrated design at the end of the tread to improve braking performance in winter.

The Kinergy 4S2 X features the Aqua Pine Compound – a new combination that provides grip across changing temperatures. It uses high loading silica and novel traction-enhancing additives that provide enhanced traction across varying temperature changes.

Its performance in ice and snowy conditions earned it a three-peak mountain snowflake certification. It also stood up to competitors in different media and third-party tests. It’s part of Consumer Report’s list of recommended performance all-season tires.

The tire has also earned praise from several automotive magazines from Europe and was the winner in all-season tire testing done by Auto Bild in 2021.