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Hankook to Supply Sepang 12 Hours With OE Tires

The Sepang 12 Hours is making a comeback. The event organizers have picked Hankook Tires as the official and only original equipment supplier. After holding discussions and consultations, the stakeholders and teams agreed to host the event in 2023 over a period of 8 hours. According to Top Speed Owner and General Manager, Davide de […]

Hankook’s Omnidirectional Tire That Will Improve The Future of Autonomous Cars

Hankook Tire recently revealed its latest tire invention that is set to revolutionize how we move from point A to B. The omnidirectional tire dubbed ‘Wheelbot’ provides vehicles with more uses than one. Unlike conventional tires, the Wheelbot does not restrict the vehicle’s movement based on wheel structure. It provides multiple directional flexibilities without any […]

Hankook Tire Partners With Formula E To Supply Sustainable Tires

Hankook Tire becomes the official supplier of sustainable tires to Formula E’s racing series. One of the main goals of Formula E is to make racing more sustainable. It does this by racing electrical vehicles, not selling plastic or paper tickets, and operating free water-filling stations at events. Partnering with Hankook pushes its efforts to […]

Eight-Year Partnership Between Michelin and Formula E Ends

The FIA World Formula E Championships is parting ways with Michelin Group after eight years. The French tire manufacturer announced on 18 Aug that they were withdrawing from the event. The announcement came from the founding partner and investor who took it on in 2013. It follows the end of the 2021/2022 campaign that ended […]

Hankook and Kumho Tire Set Eyes on EVs

Just recently, Hankook Tire and Technology Co. said that almost half of its orders came from electric vehicle-exclusive variants. The company has just concluded contracts with about 22 automakers for 60 car models. The Hankook tires for these models are currently in development. Among them are for EVs from 12 car brands. The tire maker […]

Hankook Tire Partners with Rescale on Digital Tire Twins

Hankook has partnered with Rescale, a high-performance computing (HPC) cloud simulation platform provider, to help accelerate its digital transformation. The platform will improve Research and Development workflow since the computing resources are scalable. The R&D process requires data-driven simulation due to the complex characteristics and structure of a tire. HPC will allow Hankook to process […]

Hankook Tire Launches Corporate Governance Charter for ESG

Hankook Tire has established a corporate governance charter to promote transparent social, environmental, and governance management. The charter will help lay the foundation for the company’s sustainable business. It was approved on May 9. In addition, it will enhance the independence and professionalism of the board of directors and uphold the rights and interests of […]