Michelin Updates the Pilot Sport 5 Tire

Today, you’ll find Michelin’s lineup of summer performance tires on almost every luxury car. In a recent development, the company announced the release of the Pilot Sport 5. This is an update of the Pilot Sport 4 summer tire.

The new version has a number of upgrades to ensure it performs better on sports cars and high-performance sedans. Michelin added a new feature called Dynamic Response Technology that includes nylon ply and hybrid aramid to help cars make a better connection with the road.

In addition, the Dual Sport Tread Design uses the inner half of the tread to improve wet driving and the outer half for dry performance. The company claims the Pilot Sport 5 performs best in matters lifespan when compared to its competitors.

It’s good to note that the company is yet to release a replacement for the higher-performing Pilot Sport 4S, the upgrade to the Pilot Super Sport. We expect a 5S badge to show up soon considering the tire is nearly 5 years old.

You can get the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tire in 50 dimensions starting from 17 to 21 inches. It will be launched worldwide on March 1, 2022.