Continental Releases Two General Tires for Trucks

Continental has just released two new tires for on/off-road truck applications. The General Grabber OA 2 and OA 2 Wide Base have a new tread compound that offers chip and chunk resistance, more mileage, and casing protection for multiple retreads.

According to Helmut Keller, the lead of product management at Continental, the tires are more durable, reduce chances of stone retention and boast better traction.

He adds that drivers will notice that there’s less noise on the road.  They’ll also get to enjoy more comfort with the tread design and compound. Fleets will benefit from improved fuel economy and rolling resistance.

The industries that are likely to benefit the most from this new release include construction, material transport, cement, utility, emergency vehicles, heavy-haul and special loads, and mining/quarry.”

The General Grabber OA 2 is an on/off-road all-position tire. It comes with a tread depth of 24/32-inch and 22/32-inch and a sidewall profile with curb rib to reduce cuts, abrasions, and curbing.

Officials at Continental claim that the patented innovative groove technology improves the casing life and provides minimum stone retention through a stone ejection system.

The casing includes 4 belts and a closed-shoulder 4-rib tread design that allows versatility in all positions of the wheels. Drivers will benefit from a 19 percent improvement in mileage and up to 5 percent better resistance to chip and chunk compared with the tires’ predecessor.

According to Keller, a sensor can be included in the tire to help monitor tire pressure. The sensor will be linked to ContiConnect Yard Reader and ContiConnect Live to keep track of tire temperature and pressure. These heavy-duty tires are ideal for coal/waste haulers, logging, construction, school buses, and any on/off highway fleets,” Keller notes.

The General Grabber OA 2 tire comes with:

  • H load-rated sizes – 11R24.5 and 11R22.5
  • L load-rated sizes – 445/65R22.5, 425/65R22.5, 385/65R22.5, and 315/80R22.5.

You also get a full warranty that covers six years of use or three retreads, whichever comes first.

The Wide Base version comes with a 21/32-inch, 23/32-inch, and 24/32-inch tread depth. It also features a multi-service and improved all-position tread pattern with better traction. The under-tread is thick enough to resist penetration and damage to the casing.

This allows for extended life and multiple retreads. Truck drivers can expect a 21 percent improvement in mileage while using the Wide Base. This is when it’s compared to its predecessor.

Continental Tire is working to provide the General Grabber OA 2 Wide Base to serve heavy-haul fleets looking to raise their carrying capacity while using resources efficiently. The 445/65R22.5 Continental tires can carry 12,800 pounds per tire.