Continental Tire Canada Successfully Plants Over 125 Trees

On the 28th of September 2022, Continental Tire Canada joined forces with Tree Canada and the City of Mississauga to plant more than 125 trees. The goal is to achieve 1 million trees by 2032.

This will help increase wildlife habitat, remove pollutants from the air, regulate extreme temperatures, help fight climate change, improve water and soil conservation, store carbon, and benefit the environment overall.

Continental Tire is one of the few tire companies that prioritize social and environmental responsibility. On the other hand, Tree Canada is the only non-profit dedicated to nurturing and planting trees in urban and rural areas in every province in Canada.

The organization plants trees in the right places to give them the best chance of taking root and thriving. It has planted more than 84 million trees in partnership with sponsors and partners.

“It has truly been a day of privilege and pride for our Canadian Team, digging shoulder to shoulder with Tree Canada, making our personal contribution, and showing our collective commitment to the fight against climate change as an organization,” said Okan Sen, National Marketing Manager for Continental Tire Canada.

“This is the first year we’ve partnered with Continental, and we’re absolutely delighted to plant trees with Continental Tire Canada in Mississauga. Together, we planted 125 trees in an urban park, all of which are native to Ontario. These trees will not only have a significant impact on wildlife in the park, but they will also offer great environmental and human benefits. Walking into a park full of trees makes us feel wonderful, and animals and pollinating insects will benefit from the trees we planted.” Said Celia Johnstone, Community Advisor for Tree Canada.