Continental Tire Plans to Turn Recycled Extreme E Tires into an Entire Basketball Court

Continental Tire is donating rubber paving stones made from recycled Extreme E electric racing tires. The stones will be used to construct a basketball court for children in Hanover, Germany.

The team took the Continental tires at their disposal through a complex recycling process that allowed them to remove all the chemical compounds before turning them into stones.

The donation falls well under the company’s current motto – “Turning racing tires into living spaces.” According to the Head of Strategy, Analytics, and Marketing; Enno Straten, Continental is happy to convert materials from the Extreme E electric series into something that can be used for a good cause.

The project is dubbed BasKIDball and will see several basketball courts built all over Germany. This will provide spaces where children and youth can run, train, and play regardless of their school, origin, or age.

The main values championed under the program include fairness, health, trust, and team spirit. Continental is supporting the cause by donating paving stones. With this, the company will raise awareness about the climatic challenges happening all over the globe.