Nexen Tire Motorsports Takes The Lead in Racing

When the racing season commenced, Nexen Tire Motorsports had one goal in mind –  to supply different racing teams with its products and strengthen its competitive program.

The program recently concluded with the tire manufacturer taking the lead in Formula Drift, Ultra4 Off-Road Racing, and Championship Off-Road.

It supplied its ultra high-performance Nexen tires to championship-oriented teams in Formula Drift and supplied the Roadian MTX Xtreme off-road tire and the Roadian ATX all-terrain tire to the Ultra4 Off-Road Racing teams.

The former event started in Long Beach, California on the 1st and 2nd of April, kicking off the program. The vehicles were first equipped with Nexen’s former drift tires, the N’Fera SUR4G Extreme Ultra High-Performance tires.

The vehicles then advanced to the next generation N’Fera Sport R. These got driver Ken Gushi to the top and made him the winner of Formula Drift Pro 1’s Round 7. He was also among the top 10 in overall standings and took position 8.

Other Nexen drivers that took part in Formula Drift were Federico Sceriffo, Yves Meyer, Joshua C. Reynolds, Dean Kearney, Jhonnattan Castro, Ola Jaeger, and Trenton Beechum.

Nexen driver Chris Van Den Elzen won in the Pro Spec at the 2022 World Championship Off-Road Race held in Crandon, WI. He raced against Easton Sleaper, Nick Visser, and Gray Leadbetter.

Elzen had tested a number of all-terrain and off-road Nexen tires before settling on the Roadian ATX. He attributed his win to the high-quality tires supplied by the tire manufacturer.

The company also took the first spot courtesy of Stephen “Woody” Rose Jr. who won at the Legends of the Fall national finals. Woody had the most points in the West Series and led with 110 points.

He’s also the man behind the race car that competes in the Utra4 competition thanks to his collaboration with his stepfather. Woody has garnered numerous podium finishes in the 4800 Limited Class. These include the 1st Round 1 NCRR, 2nd Round 3 NCRR, 2nd Ultra4 Visions, 5th at Ultra 4 Stampede, 1st Ultra4 Sturgis, and 5th Round 2 NCRR.