Michelin Releases New Tire for Self-Propelled Sprayers

Michelin launched the Spraybib Cyclic Field Operation (CFO) lineup earlier this year. It has now released a new tire made for self-propelled sprayers.

The tire is dubbed the Michelin Spraybib CFO VF710/60R46 and comes as the first low-pressure flotation product developed for a maximum footprint to protect soils from compaction and maintain crop yield.

The tire has a 2.05 m diameter that protects the soil, improves productivity levels, and enhances the stability of sprayers that house large-capacity tanks. A few constructors had tested the tire prototypes hoping to homologate them as an OEM fitting.

The Spraybib CFO lineup provides a 14% increase in load capacity and has a new casing that increases the load per axle by 1.3 metric tons. This is dependent on the tire dimensions picked.

The improved footprint allows for up to 20% more traction and optimized use at lower inflation pressures. The tire has the speed index E that also boosts speed capacity. The lifespan is also longer here thanks to the numerous wide and more robust crampons.

The casing design combines the CFO standards and VF (very high flexion capacity) to allow owners to reduce tire pressure by 0.7 bar during cyclic use in fields to reduce soil compaction.

The Michelin Spraybib CFO VF710/60R46 has a minimum inflation pressure of 0.8 bar for smaller sprayers. This is an improvement from the 1.8 bar provided by the first generation of Spraybib Michelin tires.

Having a capacity for lower tire pressure also translates to more comfort for the driver. It reduces the vibrations transmitted to the driver. Furthermore, improved stability is an advantage, especially when large tanks are involved.

The tire also features a high load capacity, considering large volume tanks can be quite heavy. You can buy the Michelin Spraybib CFO VF710/60R46 at any Michelin dealer. The product is also available as original equipment on CNH, John Deere, and AGCO machines.