Hankook Releases iON Tires for EVs in the U.S.

Hankook Tire recently released two new tires designed for electric vehicles. The iON evo AS and the iON evo AS SUV are the company’s first options for EVs in the U.S..

Both measure 26 in size and boast rim diameters that range between 18 and 22 inches. They come with the manufacturer’s Evolution technology which prioritizes noise reduction, extra grip for EVs, and tread wear.

The tires showcase what Hankook has achieved with its industry-leading research and development. Furthermore, they are built to offer the best comfort, performance, and mileage, and meet most electric vehicle needs.

The iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV use eco-friendly materials and high-concentration silica to maximize tire conditions and extend tire life. This is enhanced by their ability to spread road pressure.

Road noise accounts for most of the noise experienced in EVs. To reduce this, Hankook incorporated its Sound Absorber technology into the tire grooves. This is while optimizing the noise-absorbing material and multi-pitch sequence.

Due to the extra weight brought by lithium-ion batteries, EVs can also be quite heavy. Hankook built the two tires with its EV Contour Technology to help improve lateral and cornering rigidity by 25% and 20% respectively.

Additional 3D Grip Kontrol sipes on the threads provide unmatched performance in wet, mild winter, light snow, and dry conditions. According to the team at Hankook, these are the first Hankook tires from the iON lineup to be sold in the U.S.

The company has a huge portfolio of tires that are already in use by leading automotive brands. Their tire technology is also being used in electric motorsport where the race tire from the same lineup will race in January 2023.

The iON evo AS and evo AS SUV are available with a 50,000-mileage warranty. The former comes in 6 sizes, 18-21 inches in diameter, while the latter comes in 20 sizes, 18-22 inches in diameter.