BFGoodrich Kicks Off Dakar Rally With Desert Cleaning Drive

In collaboration with the Filipinos for the Saudi Green Initiative Association and Dakar Rally organization, BFGoodrich held a desert cleaning drive attended by 40 volunteers from the general public, professional drivers, and contenders from Dakar.

The event took place during the 45th Dakar Rally raid which has been running since 31 December 2022. Special appearances included racing driver and automotive journalist Abdulaziz Al Fudhili and the first female to get licensed for Motorcycle Circuit Racing Dania Akeel.

The aim of the cleaning drive was to bring together everyone from the community to remove waste disposed of in the desert. It was also done to emphasize on responsible use of public land and sustainable habits.

The tire manufacturer has been making high-performance BFGoodrich tires for more than 150 years. It’s now focusing on protecting the environment as part of its CSR initiatives.