Why Are Sport Tires Cheaper Than Touring Tires?

It’s a common misconception that sport tires are cheaper than touring tires. In fact, neither of the two is more expensive than the other. 

How cheap or expensive sport or touring tires are for you will depend on how you use them. For example, if you use sport tires for a decent road trip, they’ll be expensive for you, but if you use them for a sporting event, you can find them for cheaper prices. The same applies to touring tires.

Let’s make your search for good cheap tires easier by diving into what sport and touring tires are and how their prices compare.

What Are Touring Tires?

Touring tires are the ones you see on most passenger vehicles, including  minivans, sedans, and SUVs. These tires have a wide tread, meaning they have greater surface contact with the road. They offer a stable, comfortable, and noise-free ride. 

Plus, most touring tires are suitable for all road conditions, whether it’s rainy, snowy, or sunny. This means these tires ensure you travel safely and smoothly throughout the year.


  • Ensure a comfortable and quiet ride
  • Great stability and traction
  • Little chance of slipping, even in snowy conditions
  • Suitable for all-year-round use
  • Best for passenger vehicles


  • Not good for sharp turns, speedy rides, or races
  • Longer stopping time

What Are Sport Tires?

Sport tires are also known as performance tires–these are designed to have shorter stopping distances and better responsiveness. They perform best in the summer, and you cannot expect good traction from sport tires in snowy or rainy seasons.

These tires are mostly used for racing-style and exotic cars. Plus, the tread patterns of sport tires are unique, unlike touring tires. If you’re more about styling and speed, sport tires might be a better pick for you.


  • Shorter stopping distances
  • Suitable for tight cornering 
  • Best traction in dry conditions


  • Uncomfortable riding experience 
  • High speeds mean greater wear and tear

Touring Tires Versus Sport Tires

You should evaluate the following factors when buying a tire:

Ride Quality 

If you’re looking to travel further within a shorter period of time, sport tires are a good choice for you. But if your driving usually involves trips to the office, school, friends, or anywhere around the town, we recommend buying touring tires. 

We also recommend touring tires for long road trips with family and friends if you seek a smooth driving experience.

Gas Mileage 

Sport tires cause your car to consume more fuel than touring tires. So, if you wish to enjoy economical rides and save as much as you can on fuel, opt for touring tires. 

But if you don’t mind paying extra for increased control over your vehicle, sport tires are a better choice.

Maintenance Routine

Touring tires are easy to maintain, and they have a longer lifespan. They can last up to 80,000 miles when used properly.

On the contrary, sport tires have a lifespan of about 15,000 miles. In addition, you’ll need to invest time in maintaining the tire well or it’ll lose its life even more quickly.


Sport tires offer stability only when handled by a skilled person. If you know how to handle high speeds and sharp turns, the traction provided by these tires will be sufficient for you. 

But if you don’t have experience with sports cars, it’s a good idea to opt for touring tires. These have wider tread patterns, meaning the vehicle will maintain good contact with the road and not steer out of control. 

So, Are Sport Tires Cheaper Than Touring Tires?

As mentioned earlier, your usage determines whether or not a tire is cheap for you. If you’re too busy to care for your car and buy sport tires, their cost won’t be worth it. The same is true if you choose sport tires for everyday trips–they might reduce your fuel average, and you’ll practically pay more to use them.

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