Audi A3 to Feature Nexen N’FERA Sport and N’Blue 4 Season Tires as OE

Nexen Tire recently announced that two of its tires have been picked as original equipment for the new Audi A3. The two tires include the N’FERA Sport and the N’BLUE 4 Season. These are available for vehicle options sold in Europe.

The N’FERA Sport features a European styling that offers premium sporting features for both wet and dry surfaces. It comes with improved handling performance, better stability when driving, and enhanced braking power and grip.

On the other hand, the N’Blue 4 Season is designed to perform in all weather conditions while optimizing performance on snowy and wet surfaces. It comes with multi-season sipes that offer exceptional cornering performance and snow traction. The tire’s exceptional wet grip performance allows it to excel in different weather conditions.

Both Nexen tires are available in different sizes as below:

  • N’FERA SPORT – 225/40R18 92Y XL
  • N’Blue 4 Season – 225/45R17 94V XL