Where to Find Financing for Big-O Tires With No Credit Check

Investing in new tires for your car is an expensive endeavor. Tire dealerships are infamous for marking up their estimates or pushing the more costly tire options on customers. However, the reality is, many consumers require good tire financing options. We do not blame you for shopping around. Paying for four tires in full, upfront, is a cost not every car owner can afford on a whim. 

As you continue to research options, do not lock yourself in with the first tire shop you find. While most offer tire financing, take a moment to assess and compare the different options available to you. You don’t want to be locked in with one shop only to discover that you could have had a better deal elsewhere, or you chose a financing option that doesn’t work for your budget. 

Big-O Tires may not offer the right financing options for you and your car. At Cheap Tires ASAP, you can find a variety of financing options that take your credit status into account. Let’s compare the options from both Big-O Tires and Cheap Tires ASAP.


Big-O Tires Versus Cheap Tires ASAP

It’s worth highlighting the similarities and differences between Big-O Tires, one of the biggest tire stores in the nation, and Cheap Tires ASAP, a shop known for its wide selection of premium tires and unbeatable prices. 

We both promise unparalleled service, unbeatable prices, and premium tires. But what are the financing options for both Big-O Tires and our tires at Cheap Tires ASAP? Let’s break it down. 


Big-O Tires Financing Options

Big-O Tires is known for its Big-O Tires and Service Credit Card. The credit card offers quite a few benefits to cardholders, from $20 off alignment packages on purchases of $20 or more, six month special financing on purchases of $199, and twelve month special financing on purchases of $749. 

But here’s the catch: If you are a new account holder, you can expect to have a 29.99% annual percentage rate (APR) on any purchase you make. While the card might offer a few benefits here and there, you might end up paying hefty interest fees, depending on the total cost of your tires. 

Aside from the Big-O Tires and Service Credit Card, Big-O Tires has taken it a step further to introduce an arrangement with EasyPay, an option for any customer whose application for the credit card is denied. By using EasyPay, customers with no credit or low credit are able to finance their tires and pay them off over the course of a few months. 


Cheap Tires ASAP

While Cheap Tires ASAP does not offer its own credit card, we do offer something arguably much better. How about a financing option suited for you and your credit standing? 

Similar to Big-O Tires’s EasyPay, Cheap Tires ASAP offers Katapult, a financing option geared towards individuals who do not have any established credit or who are in the process of developing their credit. Unlike Big-O Tires, we are up-front with our fees and interest rates. Any customer applying for financing through Katapult can expect to pay anywhere from 10% to 36% APR, depending on their credit.

If you are a customer with great-standing credit but still seeking a finance option, Cheap Tires ASAP offers a partnership with Affirm. If approved, Affirm lets you pay the total sum of your new tires over the course of three, six, or twelve months with 0% APR. How’s that for a great financing option? 

If you think Cheap Tires ASAP can’t get any better, you’re wrong. We proudly offer a text service as well as a user-friendly website that makes financing as easy as three quick steps. Simply choose your tires and add them to your cart, hop on over to the checkout page, select Affirm or Katapult as your financing option on the payment page, and place your order. It’s as simple as that! 

Got a truck? Wondering if Cheap Tires ASAP offers truck tire financing? Cheap Tires ASAP has the inventory and financing options to get your vehicle back on the road. Give us a call or send us a text and let us help you find the right tire for your car.