Payment Plans for Tires

Whether you unknowingly drove over a nail and triggered the low-pressure tire light on your dashboard, or took your car in for service only to find out that you are overdue for new tires, replacing your car’s tires is not a walk in the park. Tire problems in general are costly and shopping for the best deal is time-consuming. 

Luckily, there are many discount tire financing and truck tire financing options available out there, so you can rest assured knowing the heavy burden of a new set of tires does not need to fall on your shoulders (or your bank account) all at once. 


Finance Your New Tires Through Cheap Tires ASAP

Cheap Tires ASAP takes pride in not only offering a wide array of premium tires sure to meet any car’s needs, but also easy and efficient financing options. We’ve been selling tires at an export and wholesale level for over twenty years. Nobody understands your tire needs like we do.


Breaking Down the Financing Process

On the checkout page, you will be asked to select your payment method. If you were paying in full, this is where you would input your card information. But because you are looking to set up payment plans, you are going to look for two distinctive words: ‘Affirm’ and ‘Katapult.’ Choosing one or the other will kick off your financing plan and get the process started.


How Do You Know Which One Is For You? 

Both Affirm and Katapult are great financing options, but which one you should use depends on your credit score. Affirm offers 0% annual percentage rate (APR) financing for anyone with good-standing and established credit. Katapult, on the other hand, is an ideal option offering 10% to 36% APR for anyone with developing credit. 

It is worth noting that the type of payment plan you will have depends on your preference. Do you want bi-weekly payments or monthly payments over the course of three, six, or twelve months? When you select a tighter time-frame for repayment, each installment will be higher than if you select the twelve-month option. However, when you opt to pay off the total amount in a few months, your compound interest will typically be lower.

Select the financing option best suited for you and your credit. After you check out, your eligibility and credit will be checked. Your tires will be shipped out based on your approval. 


What If You Don’t Have Established Credit? 

Some people worry that if they don’t have established credit, they cannot finance a set of new tires. We are here to dismantle this belief. 

If you don’t have credit to your name, be sure to select Katapult as your financing option. While you might have a higher APR, this program is largely designed to provide financing opportunities to anyone without credit or with a low credit score. Because you will most likely be given a higher APR, note that your monthly payments will be higher than someone who qualifies for Affirm’s program, or who has a higher score than you. 

Drive Forth With Confidence

Car and tire maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. If you have poor credit or are still establishing your credit, making those investments into your vehicle can be intimidating. You don’t need to break the bank to maintain safe conditions for you and your vehicle. With Cheap Tires ASAP’s multiple financing options, you can swing a great deal with a payment plan that works for you.

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