Can You Finance Car Tires?

If you own a car, then you know the importance of maintaining it. The more you care for your car, the further it will get you. We are probably not the first to tell you that regular maintenance is crucial. A regular tune-up will include anything from an oil top-off to an oil and filter change, as well as ensuring your car has the proper levels of brake fluid, coolant, motor oil, and power steering fluid. Along with a regular tune-up, taking your car in for service will ensure that your wipers, brakes, and tires are in great standing.

It goes without saying that one of the most important things you can give your car is proper tire upkeep. Tires in good standing not only help your car run smoothly, but they ensure your safety on the road. Tires heavily affected by wear and tear become a safety hazard when it comes to stopping and braking in time. 

While tire rotations can help lengthen the total lifespan of your tires, sometimes the only solution to wear and tear is to have them replaced. If you have ever shopped around for new tires, then you know that they are not cheap. But what most people don’t know is that they don’t have to fork over the total cost of new tires up front. Most tire shops offer financing to qualified applicants. 

When it comes to financing tires, there are a few options available to car owners. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to make a financially-smart decision.


Manufacturer Financing 

This may or may not be news to you, but most dealers offer monthly add-on tire packages at the time of purchase. Some packages are already included in the total manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). You might have signed up for a discounted package without even knowing.

If you didn’t sign up for an add-on tire package, you aren’t out of options just yet. Some dealers offer discounts and promotions every now and then—especially around the holidays. Contact your dealership to see if you are eligible for any free or discounted rates on new tires. If not, it’s worth asking what financing options they have available for you. 


Financing Through Third-Party Lenders

Most tire shops and service centers work with third-party lenders so you can finance your tires. You may be able to apply for a personal loan, apply for a car-related expense-only credit card or fixed monthly payments. 

Weigh all of your options when shopping around for a third-party lender. Some lenders offer different terms and interest rates than others. Some charge extraneous fees. Be wary of signing a contract without fully reading through it and understanding your responsibility as a borrower. 


Financing Through Cheap Tires ASAP 

Why should you opt for Cheap Tires ASAP? Any tire shop can offer financing options. But the question is, do they offer an easy-to-use and streamlined financing process? 

With an extensive selection of premium tires and affordable prices, replacing your tires does not have to cause a headache. Cheap Tires ASAP offers flexible financing options for anyone with developed or developing credit. Developed credit applicants can apply for 0% annual percentage rate (APR) and developing credit applicants can apply for 10% to 36% APR. 

Do you want three months, six months, or twelve months? The best part is the flexibility we offer—you can choose your payment terms. Visit our website, choose the tires you want to purchase, and proceed to check out. When asked for a payment method, select Affirm (if you have good credit) or Katapult (if you have developing credit). Once you check out, simply wait to be approved and your tires will be shipped out to you. It’s as easy as that! 

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