Continental’s CoSmA Can Now Detect Children Left in Vehicles

Continental Tire has introduced a new Child-Presence-Detection (CPD) function that will be integrated into the company’s Digital Access Technology (CoSmA) without the need of adding new hardware.

The technology helps detect children that have been left inside a car. It triggers a warning, helping reduce the rate of death due to heatstrokes. According to research done by the University of Georgia, up to 40 children die in the US every year due to the same.

Continental’s CPD detects a child left inside and sends a warning to the car owner’s phone within seconds. It detects slight movements such as the child’s chest movement when breathing and sends a visual, haptic, or audible alert.

The system is also able to classify occupants as adults, infants, or children. Children and infants can be detected in any seating position, even when covered by a blanket or when hidden.

The digital solution eliminates the need to add more hardware and also transforms the driver’s smartphone into a digital car key. The transceivers can tell when the digital key is inside or outside the car. This improves security and enhances convenience.