Continental Tire Expands EV Charging Infrastructure

Continental Tire recently announced that it upgraded three of its test sites with extra charging stations following the increase in the number of tire tests. The three locations include Arvidsjaur in Sweden, Uvalde in the USA, and Jeversen in Germany.

Electric transportation has continued to increase over the years. The company supplies Continental tires to nine of the ten largest producers of electric vehicles. The expansion will allow teams to carry out more tire tests for electric cars, buses, and trucks.

According to Continental, tests sometimes require uninterrupted hours of driving on various sections of the track. Due to this, the company will install a new transformer at Contidrom that will provide energy for extra twin rapid charging stations. This will supply more than 2,000 kilowatts per hour.

At Arvidsjaur, the tire manufacturer has set up eight stations and two rapid charging stations that supply 180 kilowatts to improve charging time. The Uvalde location will also be upgraded in the near future.

Continental has also improved its offering for EVs to make sure tires meet EV requirements and achieve lower rolling resistance, long service lives, and lower rolling noise.