Continental Tire Adds New Sizes to its Agricultural Tire Portfolio

The rise of larger and more powerful machinery in the agricultural industry has created a demand for larger and more durable tires. Continental Tire has heeded the call by introducing new sizes for the CompactMaster AG/EM and TractorMaster lines.

The TractorMaster tire now comes in a new size, the 600/70R34, while the CompactMaster is now available in size 500/70R24. The former can now be fitted at the front with other tire sizes. Continental also plans to release another additional size, the 620/70R42, as a rear option.

The CompactMaster AG is made for field operations and other agricultural applications while the EM version is designed for hard-surface logistics. According to Continental, adding new sizes helps the company meet customer demand.

It also lets the team stay ahead of current trends and solve foreseeable challenges. The current focus remains on making cut- and damage-resistant tires that help to save fuel and total cost of ownership. The company will showcase its recent technologies at Agritechnica under the slogan “Our Smart Farming. For your harvest of tomorrow.”

In addition to Continental tires, Continental will also showcase autonomous mobile robots, AI systems, sensors, more sustainable tires, and technologies that enhance efficiency and safety on the farm.