Continental Releases the First Screen Displayed in Swarovski Crystal

Continental Tire recently unveiled the world’s first Crystal Center Display made in collaboration with Swarovski Mobility. The 10-inch dislay comes with a stylish crystal frame that gives it a semi-transparent and frameless look.

According to Continental, it opens up an opportunity to present minimalist luxury in car interiors. The screen features the latest microLED technology that provides incredible levels of contrast and brightness.

The Swarovski frame gives it a floating illusion, adding to the luxurious element of a vehicle’s interior design. Continental showcased this new product at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024. It was awarded the CES Innovation Award Honoree for great product design.

The goal was to change the narrative when it comes to the world of interior design. Engineers wanted to produce something that catches attention and stirs emotions in users. This improves the interaction between the vehicle and the human.

The collaboration between the two companies will see new levels of aesthetics brought into luxury cars. The crystal housing balances the technical and optical aspects of crystal display, allowing users to see through to the center console behind the screen.

“The Crystal Center Display is the result of a combination of production and process technologies which together with Continental we implemented into an innovative new design element – one that is as impressive visually as it is technically,” explained Peter Widmann, Senior Vice President B2B and Managing Director at Swarovski Mobility. He continued: “In this way, our crystal becomes much more than just an interior design element – users experience it as a key interaction interface in the vehicle.”