Vredeveld Group Uses ContiConnect to Improve Efficiency

The Vredeveld Group is a family-owned logistics company based in the Netherlands. It takes advantage of Continental Tire‘s ContiConnect technology to improve efficiency in its fleet of trucks.

According to Mischa Vredeveld, the company’s General Manager, continuous tire monitoring allows them to monitor fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions. This allows the team to actively cut CO2 emissions, which is one of the company’s goals.

The Vredeveld Group has 4 sites with about 200 employees in total. It operates 200 semitrailers and 125 trucks. These are used to transport bulk goods that comprise foodstuffs and building materials.

Almost all processes are digitized using innovative IT solutions in the supply chain. ContiConnect offers different ways to save the total cost of ownership. There are fewer breakdowns on the road meaning there’s less downtime.

The ContiConnect Live module allows dispatchers at the HQ to locate fleet vehicles using the tracking function. This is, especially true if they experience loss of tire pressure. It’s very useful for vehicles that spend several days on the road.

Continental also allows fleet managers to track vehicles as they return to the depot using the Conti Connect Yard. According to The Vredeveld Group, fuel savings have been of great importance. The company uses about 3.5-4 million liters of fuel annually. Saving just 1-3% of that goes a long way.

In addition, the company can stay at par with maintenance so that vehicles can remain operational. ContiConnect ensures that the trucks are operating at the right pressure. This saves money that would have been used to cater to punctures. Managers can do all the monitoring on their smartphones or tablets.