Continental Supplied Top 10 EV Brands with Tires in 2023

In 2023, all ten producers of EVs in the world went to Continental for tires. In 2022, that figure stood at 9 out of 10.

Continental has made significant strides in the EV sector and is currently supplying the top 5 manufacturers of EVs in the Asia-Pacific region. The company also holds a strong position in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) as well as the North, Central, and South America regions.

This is an indication that the top EV manufacturers in the world trust Continental tires and rely on the company for original equipment for their vehicles. According to Continental, this can be attributed to efforts made to meet the requirements of high-performing tires for all types of electric vehicles.

Continental prioritizes low rolling resistance for maximum driving comfort, more range, and less rolling noise. Some of the latest customers include BYD, BMW, Geely, Tesla, and Volkswagen.

Continental equips all tires with its proprietary technology regardless of the drive style offered. Tires now come with the EV Compatible marque to clarify which tires are made for EVs to maximize on range.