Continental Launches Tires Exclusively for Canada

Continental Tire Canada has introduced the UltimateContact lineup of tires for the Canadian market. The tires are available exclusively at Canadian Tire and are designed to offer superior performance and cutting-edge technology.

They represent the latest technological advancements with focus on performance and safety. For starters, they feature the manufacturer’s Eco Plus technology that offers low rolling resistance, enhanced longevity, improved fuel efficiency, excellent wet braking performance, and extended tread life.

Continental also added Tuned Performance Indicators that communicate to the driver when the tires are no longer performing as they should in Dry, Wet, or Snow (DWS) conditions.

In addition, the Continental tires come equipped with the Alignment Verification System that tells the driver when its time to check the alignment. Customers get to choose between the UltimateContact and UltimateContactWinter depending on their needs.

The latter is designed with a tread compound that comes with the Polar Technology Plus. This ensures it is pliable in very cold weather. A +Silane Additive improves grip on roads covered with snow, ice, or water. The tire also boasts the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification to signify its adaptability to severe weather conditions.

Both options within the lineup are also designed for EVs. They come with the EV-compatible marque to showcase that they are fit for electric vehicles. Canadian drivers will get to enjoy longer-lasting performance and enhanced tread life in their EVs.

In addition, both tires come with reduced road noise, low rolling resistance, and offer an eco-conscious experience. The UltimateContact will hit the stores this April while the winter version will be available starting September 2024.