Continental Tire Introduces Tire Management for OTR Tires

Continental Tire recently launched a new digital tire management app, ContiConnect Lite, that allows professionals to manage tires while accessing selected features for free. The app works with tires that have a Gen2 sensor.

All off-the-road (OTR) radial tires delivered since the start of the year have a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that connects to the app. Truck tires also offer digital tire management in addition to OTR options.

According to Continental, some of the benefits that this offers include improved safety, sustainability, and efficiency. This is especially in cases where the tires are used in agriculture, ports, and in areas where a lot of earth is moved. The tire data is availed to the user via their smartphone thanks to a Bluetooth connection.

ContiConnect Lite is an important tool especially for fleet manager that use specialty Continental tires designed for high-performance vehicles such as tractors, on loaders, terminal and port vehicles. It helps managers keep track of tires and their condition.

What Continental is now offering works best for smaller fleet owners such as those that work at container handling facilities, asphalt mixing plants, and recycling centers. All they need to do is register by themselves using a smartphone.

Vehicle modifications may be required to facilitate connection with the sensor inside the tire. The app allows connection of up to 3 users free of charge. From there, users can monitor changes in tire pressure and temperature and act accordingly.