The Hyundai Tucson Will Wear Continental Tires As OE

Hyundai Motor Group has picked 3 of its Tucson models to wear a new set of Continental EcoContact 6 and Premium Contact 6 tires. For its Asia-Pacific market, the car manufacturer has picked the CrossContact LX Sport for off-road driving.

The EcoContact 6 comes with a unique rubber compound that reduces energy absorption and extends range in EVs. It has a strong grip on both dry and wet surfaces and boasts reduced noise and short braking distances. Overall, it offers a comfortable on-road experience.

The Premium Contact 6 upholds comfort and safety which is common in Continental tires. It has enhanced cornering stability, wet braking capabilities, and responsive steering. Continental designed it to offer a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Hyundai Tucson owners located in the Asia-Pacific region will also get to shop for the 18-inch CrossContact LX Sport. It’s designed to offer short braking distances, enhanced traction on and off-road, and exemplary performance on dry and wet roads.

It comes with a reinforced sidewall that protects it against chipping and external damage. Additionally, drivers will get to benefit from its enhanced fuel efficiency, reduced rolling resistance, and a quiet drive.